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Claim Compensation For Mis sold Payment Protection Insurance.

PPI Claims For Compensation – Get Your Money Back For Payment Insurance Cover Misselling

The Clock is ticking for making PPI claims, don’t delay in claiming back what is rightfully yours!

IMPORTANT – Your lender may apply a time limit for you to make PPI claims for a refund! – Don’t delay, use the free calculator to take the test and if it confirms that you are eligible, then you can rely on the expert services of one of the most trusted payment protection insurance refund claim experts to get your refund, our clients recommend us which is by far your best reason to use our expertise.

So far,  Millions in compensation has been recovered by people Reclaiming Payment Protection Insurance!

The claim back service is quick & easy for you to use – You won’t regret opting to use a trusted UK Compensation and Refunds Claims Service!

To find out the value of your possible claims by using our free online PPI claims calculator, it will establish if you can get a refund and will work out how much money you might be able to get.

How to Claim Back Your Payment Protection?

Question – Did you take out any mortgages, loans, HP agreements, credit cards, car finance agreements or store cards within the last 10 years?

If yes, then it is likely that the lender had included the sale of a payment protection insurance policy, but you may not even be aware that you have it and you could claim compensation.

In many cases, customers are holding or have held insurance cover that has been mis sold to them and where misselling has happened, then you could well be entitled to claim back the entire amount of the insurance premium deducted and in addition, if your refund is presented correctly, then you can claim compensation for insurance misselling, with interest on the amount of money involved – You could be owed thousands of pounds for EACH mis sold PPI policy.

Best PPI Claims Companies Vs The Culprits : Many UK lenders including most of the high street lenders, banks & building societies have been misselling cover to their customers for many years, making billions of pounds in profits, but it is believed that as many as 85% of the policies sold would not payout in the event of a claim due to bad selling practices.

Claims for payment protection refunds, estimated to be valued at up to £10 billion pounds are believed to be still outstanding and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has ordered that lenders be held responsible for mis sold insurance policies, stating that where a policy has not be sold correctly, then the customers is entitled to make refund claims, which can include interest when customers look to claim compensation!

Mortgage PPI reclaims, Loan payment protection insurance reclaims and credit card payment protection cover could be the key to dealing with some of the financial pressures that UK consumers are facing – The FCA’s report concluded that insurance to cover loan payments was vastly overpriced & the Citizens Advice Bureau found that the cost of a policy could have added up to 56% to the total cost of your borrowing. Research found that many borrowers have or have had insurance & even where the mortgage, loan or credit card that was being protected has been repaid or cancelled, then the borrower is still entitled to reclaim payment protection insurance premiums charged at the time of purchase, plus interest on the monies from the time of the sale.

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) investigate reclaims for PPI refunds that have been turned down by UK lenders. In many cases the assistance of claims experts can improve the chances of success with first time claims, as mistakes are avoided and compensation claims are paid out on the first request.

How to claim compensation refunds?

Firstly you must ensure that you are entitled to make claims to get back your money – To help you establish if you can claim, we provide a claims calculator that will assist you in establishing if you have the right to submit a claim for a refund – Once you have found out if you are eligible to reclaim your premium, then you have two options. Firstly you can opt to claim back payment protection insurance premiums yourself, but please be aware that you need to be clear on how to do this and have the time to handle your own claim, otherwise you may be better off by choosing to talk to an independent claims expert about handling your claim for you. We will make the connection for you, giving you access to experts who will work on a no upfront fees basis, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that there is no risk as the experts also deliver a true NO WIN NO FEE* claim back service – So if they are not successful, then you don’t pay them anything – Read More…

Finding out if you are eligible to claim compensation for mis sold payment protection insurance refunds only takes a minute of your time – You can either request more information by completing the refund claim form or take the quick & easy free PPI Calculator reclaims test to find out if you can make a claim.


Claiming payment protection insurance back on mortgages, loans & credit cards can be simple – Choose to use an expert, provide some details and get your mis sold payment insurance reclaims underway without delay!

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