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PPI Claim Refund Calculator

Use our free UK PPI Claim Refund Calculator, but what will it check?

Firstly the calculator will work out if you can claim and then it will tell you how much your refund/s could be worth – It calculates PPI Refunds on mortgages, loans, credit cards, store cards, car finance and most other finance agreements.

Go ahead and take the test, you might be surprised by how much money you may be able to get back…

Simply answer the questions below to find out if you are entitled to a refund of your payment protection insurance premium – Your claim/s can include interest compensation claims that are back dated to the time that you took out the insurance cover;

  • At the time of the PPI insurance policy sale

  • Your Finance Agreements With Mis Sold PPI Cover.

  • Now enter details of any mortgages, loans, credit cards, HP, finance agreements or any account that you took out within the last 10 years and you think may have included mis sold PPI cover - The checker will use this information to work out how much any PPI refund/s will be worth to you when you reclaim your money. List each individual finance account separately with details of the amount that you borrowed and the year when the agreement started - Click on "+" to the right to add each additional account:
  • Amount Originally BorrowedYear When The Agreement Started 
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  • Have you answered all of the questions and entered details of all finance accounts that you think maybe claimable? Yes, then enter your contact details in the boxes below and click on "Take the PPI Test"

    The PPI compensation claims calculator will firstly work out if you can claim, and then how much money you can claim back.

    Your Online PPI Claims Calculator Test Result Will Be Available Instantly For You To View.

    NOTE: Your full test report result will be sent to you by email, so please ensure you have entered your contact details correctly. Make sure that you keep the email, as you made need to refer to it when making your PPI refund Claim/s.
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Note – The Mis sold PPI Refund Calculator checks if you can claim and it also works out how much your refund and compensation could be worth.

Work out how much your PPI refund could be worth.

Over the last 10 years, UK banks and finance companies routinely mis sold PPI on mortgages, loans and credit cards the PPI claim refund calculator will firstly work out if you can claim and then it will help you by establishing just how much money that you can claim back.

Did you get caught in the PPI Misselling trap?

If you were missold, and many of us were, then you are classed as a victim of ppi misselling and the Financial Services Authority (Now the Financial Conduct Authority), together with the UK government decided that you are entitled to ask for your money back, which can include compensation in the form of interest on the sum of money, which can be back dated to the point where the cover was missold. But given that you are entitled to have your money back, how can you work out how much money you can claim back?

Using a PPI calculator to find out how much money you can get back!

Firstly, read the PPI Reclaims Facts

  • Approximately 20 million PPI policies were sold by bankers.
  • It is estimated that more than £50bn is due in PPI refunds to customers.
  • A very small percentage of those who are entitled to get a refund have actually claimed.
  • As yet there aren’t any time limits in place, but it is widely expected that time limits will be applied to restrict making a claim for a refund – If you think that you may have a claim for PPI refunds on a mortgage, loans or credit cards, then you shouldn’t delay and risk getting caught in a time barr, use the reclaims test below to find out if you can get your PPI money back.

Can i claim my back ppi? – The Benefits To You

  • Even old agreements can qualify – So if you have paid off the finance agreement, if you qualify, then you are still entitled to get a refund.
  • The average reclaim refund value is over £2500.00
  • One of the largest individual reported PPI claims for a single policy so far has been over £68,000.
  • Refunds can be settled and paid to you in as little as 4 weeks (Subject to the lender response times to your claim).

Finding out if you are entitled to get your money back is free, quick and easy – Simply answer the ppi calculator questions below:

The calculator for PPI refunds test will take about 2 minutes to complete – As part of the test, you will establish if you were mis sold your payment protection insurance and how much you are able to claim – If the test confirms that you can make a claim, then starting your claim to get back your PPI premiums plus compensation Interest is straight forward, complete your details, your claims expert will calculate the ppi compensation interest value right back to the start of your finance agreements.

Important – The PPI reclaims test works for ppi refunds on mortgages, loans, credit cards, store cards, bank loans or HP agreements, car finance and many other types of finance contracts.