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Calculate Your PPI Refund - Free Online PPI Calculator

Calculate Your PPI Refund – Free Online PPI Calculator

Free PPI Claims Letter Templates for making your own claim.

Free PPI Claims Letter Templates for making your own claim.

Taken out a new mortgage, loan, HP agreement, credit card or finance from HSBC in the last 10 years? There’s every chance that it included PPI insurance, so you might be able to get your money back plu interest on your money.

It is widely known that HSBC, like many other bank, mis sold payment protection insurance for mortgages, loans, credit cards and finance agreements for many years and the sale of these policies contributed to massive profits, but the UK government ordered the bank to pay back the money in all cases where the protection cover was mis sold.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was intended to provide cover for the monthly repayments of finance, if customers were made redundant, had an accident, became sick or died. However, procedures that should have been followed when selling the insurance policies, were not followed, and many customers found that when they tried to make a claim, they were not covered, so qualify for an HSBC PPI Refund Claim.

Do you think that you might have been mis sold PPI by HSBC?

Making ppi claims from HSBC is quick and easy with the claims experts at Premier. Your refund can be with you in just a matter of weeks and can include compensation and interest on the money involved since the time that you started to pay it.

The top PPI claims specialists companies operating in the UK are experts and have a clear understanding of how to make your refund claim and can quickly calculate how much you may be owed and will advise you if you are eligible to claim an HSBC PPI refund.

The first step in the claims process is to establish if you are entitled to claim PPI compensation and how much it is likely to be. Your claims experts will work through your potential claims and advise you if your claims are likely to be successful. To help you in the first instance, we provide a PPI Claims Calculator which makes an initial assessment for mortgages, loans and credit cards for HSBC customers who are looking to make ppi compensation claims. Simply click the link, complete the short list of questions and the online calculator will establish whether your PPI claims from HSBC is likely to be upheld. Once the claims test has established your eligibility to make a claim, then you have two choices, you can make a compensation claim yourself or a compensation claims manager can submit your ppi claim to HSBC on your behalf.

If you choose to use a compensation claims managers services, you can rest assured that the claims professional fully understand how the HSBC ppi claims process works, they will gather the required information and submit your claim for you, avoiding the mistakes often made when customers attempt a claim themselves, which after all is why you would choose to use an expert instead of ploughing ahead on your own.

How long do HSBC PPI claims take?

HSBC take around 6 – 8 weeks to process a PPI claim, they are required by UK law to treat your claim fairly and promptly, We will work on your behalf to ensure that service standards are maintained and we will be on hand to promptly reply to any queries that they may have and we will work to deliver a fast claim back of your payment protection insurance premium from HSBC with our HSBC PPI Refund Claims team.

HSBC must begin the process of resolving your mis sold ppi complaints within eight weeks, in the event that nothing has happened within this time, our claims experts will be in touch within eight weeks to update you on our investigation, including ensuring that we provide news of how your ppi claims from HSBC are progressing.

What can be done if your ppi claims from HSBC are delayed?

If you have not received a reply from HSBC regarding your complaint within 8 weeks, you have the right to request that your case is referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

The FCA has published details of the time scale’s for the handling of complaints relating to PPI, these are available on the PPI Claims Information – HSBC claim details on the FCA website .

HSBC stopped selling Payment Protection during 2008, but prior to that they mis sold PPI on the following 5 main products:

  • HSBC Personal Loan PPI Plans
  • HSBC Credit Card Payment Protection Policies
  • HSBC Loan payment protection insurance
  • HSBC Mortgage Repayment Protection
  • HSBC Small Business Loan Payment Protection cover

Claims service for ppi mis selling compensation includes helping you with:

•  Claiming PPI refunds from HSBC•  Mis sold PPI Claims for HSBC credit cards
•  HSBC ppi complaints for misselling insurance•  Mis sold PPI Claim for HSBC mortgages
•  HSBC credit card PPI refund claims


For years many lenders have been making huge profits from selling PPI when it was simply not asked for, completely unsuitable or forced upon customers by using high pressure sale tactics. Those lenders must now be held to account for their unlawful conduct and repay the PPI premiums they should not have taken.

It costs you nothing to apply for a HSBC PPI Refund – Simply complete your details by clicking the “Start your Claim” button at the top of the page and then fill in your details and your expert will get on and do the rest for you.

Don’t miss out – The clock is ticking & time is limited for making a refund claim.

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